Advantage ELENO

Advantage for Students

  • Single trainer philosophy, NO VIRTUAL TRAINING!!!

  • Industrial projects in Hypermesh and LS Dyna with use of govt. regulatory documents (Min. 5 to be completed at ELENO ELC)

  • High Configurations Computer Lab available from 9.00AM to 8.00PM

  • High Speed broadband connection

  • Dedicated library of Mechanical Engineering Books at ELENO

  • Special attention towards improving Presentation Skills

  • Corporate houses will get a trained and fresh engineer who has completed training at ELENO

  • Training On‐Demand can be carried out as per request


 Advantage for Companies

  • Accountability: We have a clear and transparent structure and strategy that allows and encourages individual and collective responsibility. We take ownership of a situation and take the appropriate actions to ensure a positive and timely resolution.

  • Delivering Value: We consistently deliver high quality and cost effective services that exceed expectations. We have the ability to recognize our clients' best definition of success by delivering an unparalleled service.

  • Innovation: We deliver original, creative and thought- provoking solutions. We are willing to try new ideas and differentiate ourselves from our competitors through our imaginative and tailored services.

  • Knowledge: We understand the ever-changing demands and influences within our industry and continually review the resources, experience and expertise within our business to deliver a comprehensive and customer focused service.

  • Speed: We strongly believe in leveraging our technology expertise to provide HR solutions to reduce overall operations costs and increase return on investment (ROI) for our customers