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How I succeeded helping 300+ engineers get jobs in CAE field?

How I succeeded helping 300+ engineers get jobs in CAE field?

I was an ordinary school boy with tremendous passion in cars. I used to call names of all cars just by looking at a headlight or a tail-light. The second non-ordinary thing I used to do is participate every year in a science project competition (this is in school). I used to play with LEDs and Toy motors back in late 1990s.

My parents were clear about my passion and I landed in Mechanical Engineering Diploma. I was Rank 2 in whole of Maharashtra in Mechanical Engineering Branch in year 2002. Took admission to Engineering with THE MOST FOOLISH MISTAKE of my life...You guys will have a laugh for sure....COEP (College of Engineering Pune) had a direct second year engineering admission code as 601 and DY Patil College had a code of 610. I made a blunder. First preference, first college..I am chance to second round.

Same day, went with my dad to DYPCOE and took admission in a FREE seat (those who are from 2000s will know what it is). Never regretted about this mistake as years passed. Best facilities, best staff and excellent support. Got placed in Tata Johnson Controls thru Campus and here we are, my career started. I started as GET working in CAD for 2 months. Suddenly there was an internal requirement for CAE Analyst (GET) in my organisation. I appeared for an interview with NO tool knowledge, cracked technical round and cracked it and converted myself from CAD to CAE guy. Went abroad 2 times and I saw one of the fastest professional growth happening to me from GET to Sr. Lead Engineer in less than 6 years and than too with no Post Grad. Degree. Only reason for such a growth...Very Strong Basics Of Engineering. My fundamentals were and are crystal clear till this date.
I was goin good in career, but the hunger for teaching and training allowed me to start one of India's first professional LSDYNA training Institute in Pune.

Since year 2014 , I am here to help budding Mechanical Engineers achieve Career Growth using Professional CAE/FEA Training by making them employable at the earliest.

If you think you have slightest of interest in automotive structures and CAE, do get connected on and I will be ready to help.