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What is The Career in Mechanical Engineering Design?

mechanical engineering design

Product design is an art. The role of a Design Engineer in product life cycle is very crucial. Product design may include bringing a completely new concept into reality or making changes to an existing product. To elaborate it, take an example of a wheel. It has changed the life of human beings since its discovery. Size and material may vary according to the application. Wheel of a bicycle and wheel of an aircraft does the same work, but have significant differences in them. Here comes the role of a design engineer. Moreover, this is not limited to engineering field only. In the current situation, we can see it almost everywhere e.g. medical appliances, chemical products, electronic gadgets and much more.  It all begins with understanding the needs and scope of a new product or mechanical system. A designer must be a good engineer at first. One should be aware of the application of the product. 
A product can be defined by specifying the following information:

•Material Specifications
•Manufacturing Processes
•Service Life
•Maintenance Guidelines (preventive and breakdown)
•Failure Criteria
•Scope for Development

Any product design needs to be validated at every stage of its development. A product must be safe, easy to use and cost effective. Following steps explain how the concept comes into reality in a mechanical industry:

•CAD Design
•Virtual Prototype
•CAE Testing
•Physical Testing
•Product Launch

A business is all about making a profit. The good product ensures maximum profit. Excellent design is an identity of the company. A designer is an asset to the company when the product becomes successful. To make a career in engineering design, a person must be good at engineering basics, concepts of physics, and hand calculations.