Evening and Weekend Batches
10 weeks
  • CAD geometry repair
  • Model organization
  • Mid-surface extraction and auto clean-up
  • Mesh using 1D / 2D / 3D elements
Evening and Weekend Batches
12 weeks
  • Basic of LS Dyna as a solver. Need of LS-Dyna and its history, current developme...
  • Time step control, hourglassing, element size determination, material types in L...
  • LS-Dyna contact algorithms, ways of applying loads, etc. Mass scaling fundamenta...
  • Best practices for setting up the control cards for crash applications.
Weekend 90min each day
12 week
  • Seating System Design and Regulations
  • Understanding design aspects and seat sub-assemblies
  • Head restraint types, functions and its importance in the event of rear crash
  • Seat sub-assembly nomenclature. Functions and types of recliners
2 hrs Daily
12 weeks
  • Basics of LS Dyna as a solver. Need of LS-Dyna and its history, current developm...
  • Conversion of test data to LS Dyna data
  • Introduction to Numerical Methods
  • Types of Analysis – Implicit and Explicit theory
Weekend Batch
6 weeks
  • 1D, 2D, 3D Mesh
Weekend Batch
6 weeks
  • Basic Hypermesh
Weekend and Regular Batch
2 Months
  • Sheet metal meshing and analysis on Optistruct
Evening and Weekend Batches
Weekend Batch : 16 Weeks (4 hours per weekend day)
1.5 Hours Minimum per Day
Regular Batch : 5 Days a week for 3 months. Everyday 1.5 hour