Seating System Product Training

Automotive seat is 2nd Costliest part in automotive after powertrain. Becoming a domain expert always helps you survive in long run. I would be happy to share my domain expertise with you all to make your career sustainable as well.


12 week


Weekend 90min each day

Course Highlights

  • Seating System Design and Regulations
  • Understanding design aspects and seat sub-assemblies
  • Head restraint types, functions and its importance in the event of rear crash
  • Seat sub-assembly nomenclature. Functions and types of recliners
  • Types of physical tests on vehicle structures
  • Design parameters for SBS and HRP tests in rear impact
  • Design parameters for sled and LR tests in frontal impact
  • Design parameters for SBA test
  • Seat positions and dummy models
  • H point and allied reference points
  • Dummy positioning
  • Child Occupant safety regulations - ISOFIX standards
  • Airbags and engineering materials