My introduction to Hypermesh and LS Dyna happened during my final year of mechanical engineering. My team and I were designing a multi axial compression testing machine for a prominent bridge bearing manufacturer. However, none of us had the required level of expertise in an FEA, so we reached out to Eleno for help. Everyone was super helpful, and we also received some suggestions which helped us further improve the structure of our machine. The company which had sponsored our project loved our design, and are planning to execute it soon.
After completing my bachelor's, I wanted to learn Hypermesh and LS Dyna in depth, and I joined Eleno ELC, and am loving the experience. Joining Eleno is not just about acquiring knowledge about FEA, it is also about acquiring knowledge from all fields relevant to your future, and being industry ready. Along with teaching us Hypermesh and LS Dyna, the Eleno team also ensures that we are up to date with today's technology, particularly in the automotive sector. They also conduct mock interviews to test our mettle. I would recommend anyone and everyone interested in Engineering Design to join Eleno ELC.
I thank the Eleno team for their efforts, and wish them the best for the future.
- Sujit

After completing my bachelor's, I wanted to learn Hypermesh and LS Dyna in depth, and I joined Eleno ELC, and am loving the experience. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, and never tires of solving any difficulty which we may encounter while using the two software’s.
- Akshaya

I joined ELENO in June 2015 with many difficulties about our BE project which was sponsored by DRDO R&D E, Pune. We were unable to analyze the system of Anti-Tank Flailing Machine analytically so we approached to Mr Nachiket Phadke. He advised us to undergo the training of Hypermesh and LS-DYNA. Then we started the course and learned various things about softwares through actual LIVE PROJECTS. Before ELENO, we approached many training centers of LS Dyna, but none of them were ready for ONE TO ONE assistance, project guidance and industry exposure. Nachiket sir explained every nook and corner of software to us. Only because of his guidance and great support from other colleagues in ELENO we could model Soil using LS-DYNA. Modeling soil using SPH technique in LS-DYNA and analyzing such heavy system was achi hardwork of Nachiket sir and us. We were the first to model such soil in LS-DYNA. Nachiket sir gave us great support by allowing us to operate their systems for LS-DYNA runs.

Only because of this course I got placed in GODREJ Manufacturing. I will recommend everyone to join the course without even wasting a second. The course will definitely add feather in your crown which will lead to get you upper hand during your placement drives.

More than the company ELENO is the brand on which we can rely! The brand which provides industry exposure, excellent guidance and through knowledge of various sections of Mechanical Engineering 

- Aditya

I joined ELENO last year in September and have found tremendous support. I joined here for Hypermesh and LS-DYNA courses as well as for my master’s project. Nachiket Sir gave me good project idea in which there is opportunity of patent. It’s my pleasure that I got such project and a person who guides me all the time. Programs conducted by ELENO such as soft skill training, CAE awareness seminars, events on Engineers day, Quiz competition are helpful for a mechanical engineer. I like the fact that the classes are small and that staff is friendly. They are always willing to help, and very flexible to help the students. The environment here is social and many of my classmates have become friends. They take time to explain the course subjects and are very supportive to students who require extra time. I really enjoyed course and feel like I learned lot.
Upon completion of this course, I am confident in meshing and analysis. Through the course lectures and class exercise I have developed a better understanding of the skills needed for placement. 
- Atul

From the beginning, ELENO has been a good partner to work with. They have dedicated the resources, time and talent to make the learning win-win. They have been committed to serving needs and to improve the quality and scope of their expertise. Emphasizing on the basic need of the students and industry make them best in the competition. 
- Nikhil